How does it work?

What is it and how does it work?

What is it?

Seahorse is software that automates the process of cloning an existing WordPress site from anywhere to AWS Lightsail. Once cloned the software allows for server management of that site from within the WordPress interface. WP Managers can simply install the software on a site located anywhere and push it to AWS in under 10 minutes.

How does it work?

For migrations, Seahorse establishes a connection with an AWS account, automates the migration of data, builds an Amazon Lightsail instance and merges the transferred data. The connection is then maintained on the cloned site allowing for control panel management of the instance from within WordPress.

Users can trial the process free of charge by requesting a Licence, installing the software provided and running the process. If satisfied with the outcome, users can then choose to purchase a licence to clone their site to their own AWS account. This is a cloning process so source sites remain unaffected throughout.

Step 1


View a cloned copy of your site on AWS absolutely free. This process has no adverse effect on your existing site.
Step 2


Select what licence is best suited to your needs. You can choose to upgrade to an Unlimited plan later if required.

Step 3


Run the Trial (Step 1) process with a subscription licence (Step 2) and IAM keys from your own AWS account.

You do not need an AWS account to run a trial clone. A self-manage licence however requires an AWS account as this is where the instance will be built. Seahorse offers an account creation service for users if required.

Trial instances are created in our Seahorse / AWS environment

Trials are restricted to the eu-west-1 (Ireland) region only. Users have the option to select any of the Lightsail regions however when using a production licence

No, the software does not currently allow migration or management of WordPress multisite. Multisite support is part of our development roadmap however and will be delivered later in 2021

Trial instances are active for 6 hours after launch

No, the trial instance is for front-end review only and access to the WordPress admin of the site is restricted

Trial instances are launched on the $10 Lightsail plan. More information on plan types can be found here: On production licenses the initial migration is also launched on the $10 plan but users are free from there to scale up/down as they wish

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