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Migrate WordPress to AWS

Do you want to easily manage PHP upgrades for WordPress?

Do you want reliable performance from your host?

Do you want the ability to scale?

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Jason’s Story

Can you relate to what Jason was going through at his Web Agency?

What Can AWS Do For You?

Jason’s Agency was on the up and had lots of clients. Things were great! Then Jason started getting calls from Clients saying their sites were down.

Jason’s team discovered their Clients Hosting was sub-par and informed their Clients, but the calls kept coming! After investigating the team determined that migrating the client sites to AWS was the solution but they had no in-house experience of AWS Cloud and contracting engineers was too expensive.

Seahorse software provided the solution with a simple, cost effective migration & management tool allowing Jason’s team to maintain control while offering high powered WordPress hosting to their clients. This put an end to the flood of calls from Jason’s Clients.

We were an agency too and had the same experience as Jason. Poor quality hosting caused endless frustration for our clients but Cloud engineering, for repetitive tasks like launching a WordPress site, was too costly and time consuming.

Seahorse software was built to put an end to this cycle and allow WordPress webmasters to maximize there offering on the cloud.

Why Us?

We are AWS!

We are an AWS Autorized Partner and all of our team are Certified by AWS as developers and consultants

We are WordPress!

We are established WordPress Developers and we are active contributors to the WordPress community.

We are you!

Our software was born out of our need for a solution for WordPress AWS migrations so we understand!

Why AWS?

Cost Effective

Choose from one of our tailored solutions, designed to give you control, flexibility and cost certainty


Quicker page-load times, reliable site access, more powerful processing, improved customer experience


Secure your data by harnessing the security, reliability & modern network capabilities of AWS

WordPress Hosting Solution


   — AWS Approved Vendor —

WordPress Hosting Plans

Who uses AWS?

AWS has over a 3rd of the entire cloud market and AWS has 5x more deployed cloud infrastructure
as their next 14 competitors combined. Here is just a selection of the companies that use AWS.


We have had lots of developers and agencies contact us to trial the product so far
and here is selection of the responses received after using the beta version

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